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The CTL Partner History Since 1999~

1999 Opened as Cheongwoo Customs Service Company

2002 Established CTL & Partners

2002 Entered into the e-customs Service

2002 Established Busan and Pohang Branches

2003 Participate in a TSS 2003 Exhibition (COEX)

2006 Established Incheon Airport Branch

2008 Established Kaesung Office (North Korea)

2012 Accreditated AEO(Athorized Economic Operator)

2013 Designated FTA Consultant (KITA of KOREA)

2013 Korea Chamber of Commerce conducted MOU with small businesses Customs Law Support Group

2014 Participated in developing and installing C/O management system for enterprises of middle standing

2015 Selected as FTA Consultant Agency for Gyeonggi Federation of Economic Organization

2016 elected as FTA Consultant Agency for Korea Customs Office

2017 Selected as FTA Consultant Agency for two years in a row from Korea Customs Office

2017 Designated as Export Consultant for aT (Korea Agro-Fisheries&Food Trade Corp.)